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I am an energetic and experienced instructor, having independently taught seven self-designed graduate and undergraduate courses at MIT, Indiana University, and at the Norfolk and Framingham Correctional Institutions through Boston University's Prison Education Program. Additionally, I taught as an associate instructor of political science and economics for nine semesters. I have syllabi prepared, tested, and ready to go for courses on political philosophies of justice, graduate-level statistics, theories of the policymaking process, the evolution of the American presidency, and the economic theories and political realities of environmental sustainability. Student reviews of these courses are exemplary, as are their reviews of my performance as a teacher. You can read about my teaching philosophy here, and you can see recent student evaluations here.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Political Science Department and Department of Urban Studies and Planning

Making Public Policy (11.002J / 17.30J), 2015

Boston University

Metropolitan College and Prison Education Program

Politics and Philosophy: Theories of Justice (PH155), 2016

American University in Cairo

School of Global Affairs and Public Policy (GAPP)

Concepts & Applications for Social & Environmental Policy (PPAD 5132), 2017

The Role of Government in a Market Economy (PPAD 5232), 2017

Master of Global Affairs Capstone Course (PPAD 5293), 2017

The Political Economy of the Near East (PPAD 5199), 2017

Applied Quantitative Analysis (PPAD 5212), 2017

Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation (PPAD 5202), 2016

Masters Thesis Research Seminar (PPAD 5298), 2016

Indiana University

School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA)

Statistical Analysis for Effective Decision-making (V506), 2013

Department of Political Science

Introduction to American Politics (Y103), 2009, '12

The Politics of Sustainability (Y200), 2010-'12

Analyzing Politics (Y205), 2010

The Holocaust and Politics (Y352), 2009

The Politics of Gender and Sexuality (Y353), 2008

The American Presidency (Y380), 2011

Department of Economics

Introduction to Microeconomics (E201), 2005-'07


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