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I am a senior consultant with GK Consulting and am available for contract work relating to governance, political institutions, public policy and management, and quantitative and experimental evaluation. I have designed, fielded, and analyzed development projects around the world for major international donors (e.g., UNWomen, USAID, PwC, DFID), and advised on local- to constitutional-level projects for realworld and academic organizations. Below are a few examples. See my World Bank style cv for additional information.



Large-scale electrification and poverty surveys.

Government and donor consultation on export and trade.


Papua New Guinea

Mixed method field research on sexual violence.


Archival research on land tenure policy.

Advise Governance Commission on democracy initiatives.

Mixed methods field research on female economic activity during the Ebola outbreak.



Economic and education counsel to academic and civic groups working on constitutional reform.



Design experimental methodology for girl's education intervention.



Field research on electoral violence.


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