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I am an Assistant Professor at the American University in Cairo. I earned my PhD from the joint Political Science–Public Policy program at Indiana University Bloomington where I was a fellow at the Ostrom Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis. I specialized in American Politics, Public Policy, and Public Management. I was fortunate to have as my principal advisor Elinor Ostrom, who advanced me to candidacy shortly before her passing.In my current research, I use survey and laboratory experiments and quantitative analysis to study the evolution of moral norms and their effects on public policy.


In addition to academic research, I frequently undertake work in international development. For example, I have served as an advisor to the Liberian Governance Commission, designed and fielded program evaluations for UNWomen in West Africa and the South Pacific, and appraised constitutional reforms for academics and civic groups in Southeast Asia.


I have taught undergraduate and graduate classes in politics, economics, statistics, policy, philosophy, and sustainability to students at IU, MIT, and Massachusetts State Prisons through Boston University.


To learn more about my research, development work, and teaching, please explore this site, see my CVs (academic and World Bank style), or feel free to contact me.



American University in Cairo

MIT Department of Political Science

Ostrom Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis

IU School of Public and Environmental Affairs

IU Department of Political Science

BU Prison Education Program


research interests

Institutional Evolution, Behavioral Economics,

Political Psychology, Experimental Methodology, Moral Philosophy


teaching interests

Institutional Analysis, Game Theory, Moral Philosophy and

Political Theory, Public Policy, Sustainability


[something resembling an academic cv]

[something resembling a World Bank cv]

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